Stanley Hurwitz - Former features writer, Evening Advertiser, Swindon

Hurwitz during his long career are not likely to forget him.
Hurwitz’s long career included spells with the Salisbury Journal, the
South Wales Echo, the Northern Echo and the Daily Sketch and ended with
a 15-year stint on the features desk at the Evening Advertiser in

He will be recalled with affection as a mild-mannered
eccentric who was fascinated by people and by the written word and
churned out, at a leisurely rate, lengthy pieces recalling the exploits
and idiosyncracies of a vast range of personalities.

On one
occasion he even managed to write a memorable and funny piece about his
own experiences during an attack of gastro-enteritis.

It was typical of him that he left the Sketch because he was not comfortable with Fleet Street back-stabbing.

who was 84, retired from the Evening Advertiser in 1985. He and his
camera then became a regular sight at point to point meetings and horse
shows in the Cirencester area and two years ago he won a prize as press
officer of the year at the Wiltshire Media Awards.

At the time of
his death he was hoping to get a piece called the Angina Monologues,
dealing with his own heart problems, published in one of the nationals.

Estranged from his wife Anna, he leaves a 30-year-old daughter, Rebecca.

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