Standard reporter was 'not shocked' by Ken's Nazi jibe - Press Gazette

Standard reporter was 'not shocked' by Ken's Nazi jibe

solicitor representing Ken Livingstone at the Adjudication Panel has
claimed an Evening Standard journalist's response to the Mayor's
comments that he was "Just like a concentration camp guard" weren't
consistent with being "particularly shocked or offended".

Adjudication Panel follows an initial Standards Board investigation
brought about because the Board of Deputies of British Jews made a
complaint about Livingstone over the row.

Solicitor Tony Childs
also said that although Finegold was sent, in Finegold's words, to
"write a nice piece", this wasn't what appeared.

Childs said:
"Mr Finegold made no complaint to the Standards Board, The Evening
standard made no complaint to the Standards Board and the reason that
Mr Finegold gave that they didn't was that it wasn't important enough
to do so. Once others put the story in the public domain the Evening
Standard responded."

Mayor Ken Livingstone's remarks on 8
February followed a party at City Hall to celebrate 20 years since
Chris Smith became the first MP to come out as gay publicly.
Livingstone told the subsequent Standards Board investigation that "it
was very unusual to stake out City Hall" and that he felt the meeting
was being "harassed".

Reporter Oliver Finegold approached the
Mayor outside City Hall as Livingstone was leaving the party for an
interview. After Finegold told Livingstone he was Jewish and was"quite
offended" at Livingstone's "concentration camp" jibe, the Mayor
replied: "Well you might be, but you are like a concentration camp
guard. You're just doing it to get paid aren't you?". Finegold then
said:"Great. I've got you on record for that".

Childs said that
Finegold had told the Standards Board during the investigation into the
row that a robust relationship was to be expected between a tabloid
journalist and a politician. The case was adjourned until mid to late