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Standard did not 'trail the internet'

We at the Evening Standard read Phil Hall’s Expert Eye on the London bombings coverage with bemusement (Press Gazette, 15 July).

He said papers were “left trailing”

the internet. Not so the Evening Standard. Readers in London were able
to get the full details from the Standard of what was happening an hour
or so after the first blasts and in updated editions right through the

We were publishing the fact that it was bombs, not a power
surge, hours before TV. And thanks to our newsroom specialists with
their contacts, we were reporting accurately and reliably ahead of the
internet, too.

For other papers publishing the following morning
the story might have moved on, as Phil says. But I am surprised that he
was not aware that at the Evening Standard – as Press Gazette reported
– we were on top of the story, bringing the news to the people of
London as it happened. As we always do.

Doug Wills managing editor Evening Standard



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