Standard changes editions and prepares website changes

Evening Standard managing editor Doug Wills has said edition changes at the Standard will be made from September to make the paper more up to date with breaking news, sport and city news.

The Standard will publish three editions a day instead of the current four. In September the mid-morning West End edition will be dropped while the early, first edition will go off stone at 9AM.

Wills told Press Gazette the change in editions would mean the paper returning to how it was seven or eight years ago before the early edition was introduced.

He said: “It’s been decided to bring it back as it used to be to a later off-stone time which would mean the first edition will be more up to date. There will be more breaking on the day city stories in that first edition, there will be more on the day breaking news and breaking sport.”

"The changes will allow us to look again at the editorial shift timings because our desks have sometimes been working postman’s hours getting up almost in the middle of the night. They’ll be making the change and maybe the early news editor and news executives will get a few more minutes in bed.”

Wills also said the London daily’s website, ThisisLondon, will be “entertainment strong” when it is re-launched in keeping with the company’s announcement when it closed the Standard’s Thursday Metrolife supplement closed last August.

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