Spotlight thrown onto the interests of affluent black readers

The affluent black community will be targeted by a new consumer lifestyle magazine, Spotlight, from February.

Published bi-monthly, it will contain celebrity interviews, entertainment, fashion, finance, travel and most other aspects of lifestyle, highlighting issues of concern to black people.

Targeted at 21 to 40 year olds, most of the 80,000 print run will be sold on newsstands in the UK for £2.80, with the rest going to North America, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.

Writer and producer Victoria Thomas will edit Spotlight , which includes celebrity columnists Joseph Phillips from The Cosby Show , and best-selling author Daryl James.

Thomas has an academic background in business and law but has freelanced for many years for The Voice , writing about social issues including articles on genital mutilation and homophobia.

She said: “Most of the publications aimed at black people are about either music or hair and beauty. There are more than half a million black people in the UK and we want to be more generic than hip-hop and hair.

“There is huge potential for a magazine in this market for the broader aspects of black life.”

The launch will coincide with the Spotlight on Black Achievers Awards, which is part of its year-long advertising campaign.

By Sarah Lagan

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