South Essex College of Further & Higher Education

What they say about their journalism BA: "Journalism is a dynamic, evolving and fast-moving industry. It has the power to stimulate, motivate and inform. As a trained journalist you will become part of an exciting crossmedia profession with a dynamism and vitality rarely matched by other professions."


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  1. Education is a great help now. And this is not some specialized disciplines or fundamental courses. We had a fairly strong economy and a good law course. From Humanities — literature from Wake and cultural studies at Legoyda (the). These are very important structural things in knowledge for me. Roughly speaking, you immediately understand what you look for in Google. In addition, we were quite strict about studying, and the words “you Know, I work” were rather an aggravating circumstance, and not Vice versa. Of course, all professional things (except the most basic) you learn already in work.

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