Software to make Splash

Splash News is using face-recognition software used for tracking terrorists to spot its celebrity photographs in newspapers and magazines.

Using ScanX technology, Splash can match images in newsstand titles and on the internet to images in its archive of more than one million photographs – ensuring that all its photographers’ work is paid for and credited.

Splash founder Kevin Smith said the software is ‘incredibly accurate’and can detect a Splash image even if it is cropped or its colour changed.

‘It’s an amazing piece of kit,’he said. ‘Each morning I am presented with a website which shows exactly how many Splash images have been used in the previous 24 hours, and where. It makes billing very easy.”

Project ScanX took more than a year to implement, but is now monitoring publications in the UK, US, Germany and Italy.

Smith said: ‘As an agent for photographers, our job is to archive, to transmit, to sell, to police and to collect. With ScanX, we can confidently say that that job has been made much much easier.”

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