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Sky News told 'no mainstream journalists' at Labour event, but later permitted to ask questions

A senior news editor at Sky News claims to have been told that “no mainstream journalists” were allowed into a Labour Party event today.

Paul Harrison said the remark had been made at the launch of the party’s Race and Faith Manifesto in Watford, but Sky was later allowed entry.

He tweeted: “#Strange goings on at race & faith manifesto launch – Told: “no mainstream journalists” allowed ? – We are now in!”

Press Gazette was told by a Labour Party spokesperson that the event had been originally organised for BME (black and minority ethnic) media to be given the chance to ask questions during the election campaign.

They added: “Following the heightened interest around the general election, other media have been allowed in and there is a chance for them to ask questions, but the focus is still on BME media.”

Broadcasters questioned Corbyn about his gaffe on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour this morning with Emma Barnett, during which he failed to give the costings for a newly launched childcare pledge.

Barnett later claimed on Twitter to have received “abuse” from Corbyn supporters, adding: “He didn’t know his figures plain and simple.”

One Twitter user said of news media at today’s event: “It’s disappointing that major media turned up to #RaceandFaith launch,asked attack questions & left when BAME people asked questions #GE2017.”

Sky News claimed earlier this month that it had been snubbed for interviews with Conservative ministers because Theresa May’s campaign team are “unhappy” with aspects of its political coverage.

Also earlier this month, Buzzfeed claimed Corbyn’s team had restricted its access to his campaign trail following a disputed interview.

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