Sky, Mail and broadsheets share spoils in trust poll - Press Gazette

Sky, Mail and broadsheets share spoils in trust poll

newspapers failed to make it into Press Gazette ‘s trust top ten –
apparently contradicting previously surveys which have rated them as
the most trusted news medium.

Collectively, various regional papers polled 21, which placed them outside the top ten but above the Daily Express.

survey also revealed that 10 years after first becoming a major source
of news – the internet still barely registers when it comes to trust.

only website to have an impact on this survey was BBC News Online
which, with 78 votes, would have merited a top 10 position on its own,
had it not been lumped in with the rest of the BBC.

The YouGov poll also reveals that news providers’ reputation for trust can far outstrip circulation or audience size.

Newsnight garnered far more votes than the Today Programme, despite having a fraction of the audience.

with a circulation of 359,891 The Guardian is the second lowest selling
English national but apparently has the highest reputation for trust.

YouGov surveyed a representative sample of 2,178 adults from across the UK between 7 and 10 January.