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Sky launching 'Brexit free' news channel on TV and Youtube

Sky News is launching a “pop-up channel” free from any mention of Brexit.

Sky News: Brexit Free will go live at 5pm on channel 523 tomorrow and thereafter run from 5pm to 10pm Monday to Friday, as well as being live-streamed on Youtube.

Press Gazette understands the channel will not simply be a duplication of the Sky News feed with any Brexit content filtered out, but a standalone reporting outfit covering all other areas of current affairs.

It will be hosted by a separate presenter and will run until the end of October initially.

Its launch follows a report published by the Reuters Institute in June, based on a Yougov survey which found that more than a third of UK news consumers were avoiding the news, with a majority (71 per cent) giving Brexit as the reason why.

The survey, reported by Press Gazette at the time, found an 11 per cent rise in people turning away from the news was “driven by boredom, anger, or sadness over Brexit”.

Head of Sky News John Ryley said the new channel was a “bold approach”, but something “we know our viewers will find valuable”.

“Brexit is an historic story that has a major impact and we will continue to give it comprehensive coverage,” he added.

“The new channel simply gives people the option to take a break from Brexit, apply a filter to their headlines and hear about issues away from Westminster and Brussels with a focus on hard-hitting, original journalism.”

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2 thoughts on “Sky launching 'Brexit free' news channel on TV and Youtube”

  1. Maybe Sky should look to report objectively with perspective, as it stands such a move is rather a clumsy knee jerk reaction in order to chase ratings.

  2. Sky is concerned about loss of viewers on it’s main channel and blames BREXIT. The reason for loss of viewers is caused by aggressive bias by certain presenters against BREXIT. I should not be able to detect whether a presenter supports Remain or BREXIT. As a viewer since 1989 and a great supporter of Sky and the previous quality and balance of reporting I find the current situation almost distressing.

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