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A question mark hangs over the future staffing of Sky News’s European Bureau amid speculation that its correspondent, Jonathan Hunt, is to leave Brussels.  Hunt, who moved from Washington last year to take up the Brussels job, is currently on holiday. But there is speculation that he will not return to Europe after Nick Pollard, Sky News head of news, called him back to the UK and assigned him to general reporting.

If Hunt’s departure from Brussels is permanent, Sky News will be faced with having to find a new correspondent for a region that will take on increasing significance with a referendum on the euro possibly only a year away.

The search could lead to a full reshuffle among Sky News’s foreign bureaux, although it could also be an opportunity for senior reporters such as David Chater and Peter Sharp to be given a new role.

The broadcaster’s recent decision to axe its half-hour feature programmes, including Technofile Extra and The Sharp End, which the two journalists worked on, has meant they have been back in the general reporting pool.

Hunt left Washington for Brussels following last year’s presidential election, replacing Tim Marshall who was in the post for less than a year before returning to the UK to become foreign affairs editor.

Hunt’s replacement, veteran journalist Keith Graves, who moved to America from the Middle East to become senior Washington correspondent, is also expected to leave the US later this year.

Sky News would only confirm that Hunt was on holiday and Graves’s contract did not end until next year.

By Julie Tomlin

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