Sites hopes to report on US for next Yahoo venture

By Martin Stabe

Online war reporter Kevin Sites wants to spend his second year working for internet portal Yahoo by covering underreported stories in the United States.

The former NBC and CNN war correspondent quit American network television last September to become the first correpondent for Yahoo. He is currently half-way through a year-long project reporting solo on war zones around the world for the web site "Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone".

Sites has filed text dispatches and video footage for Yahoo from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The second leg of his trip will take him to Chechnya and Afghanistan.

But he hopes to persuade Yahoo to allow him to spend spend his second year as an online solo journalist covering his native United States for "Hot Zone America".

Speaking at the Frontline Club in London, Sites said: "The US media has let us down in so many ways that it’s very very difficult to hear stories that are interesting, certainly in terms of foreign news, but also domestically. There’s a lot of this America that you don’t see. How many of us were surprised by Hurricane Katrina? The response of the United States of what happened there — we looked like a Third World country; we took aid from Uganda. There are things to report about that haven’t hit the mainstream media yet, and hopefully we can do that."

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