Sincerely Yours, Neil Patrick

Yours’ editor-in-chief Neil Patrick is retiring after 14 years at the magazine.

Patrick, 62, said: “I’ve done nearly 44 years working in journalism and I want to try new challenges.” Yours was an old-fashioned charity newspaper selling 100,000 copies when Patrick was appointed as editor. “The challenge was to make it profitable and worthy of the people who read it,” he said. “Sales are now approaching 400,000 so we’ve gone a long way to achieving that and it’s prospering as a magazine.”

Patrick started out as a junior reporter at the Evening Post, Doncaster and went on to work at the Northern Echo, Darlington, Garden Answers and Choice magazine.

Patrick says he will still contribute a column to the magazine as well as working on a biography on singer Ted Hockridge. Roy Hudd, who plays Coronation Street undertaker Archie Shuttleworth and writes a column for Yours, paid a trip to Peterborough to celebrate Patrick’s retirement.

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