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Silly season update - what a load of old tripe

After the tale of Michael Fish base-jumping from a London office block Axegrinder has been on his guard for silly-season press releases making it past news editors who have perhaps spent too long in the sun.

My attention was drawn to this article reporting that the Lancashire-based Tripe Marketing Board has taken to Facebook to get its message across and quoting the body’s leader Sir Norman Wrassle. Really?

The Tripe Marketing Board website looks like a Viz-style wheeze operating under the slogan: “Tripe. Yesterday’s food. Today” and stating: “Looking for an inexpensive and nutritious food that’s rich in vitamins – but not too fussy about the taste? Step this way.”

I fear that when you dispose of most of your sub-editors, as the Mirror has done, some right old tripe can end up being published. The story was also picked up by the Daily Mail.



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