Shetland Times goes daily

The Shetland Times celebrated the island group’s first ever
successful bid for the international Island Games by publishing daily
for the first time in its history.
The paper’s 40 employees worked extra hard, some
working night shifts, to publish stories and pictures from the 15
different events including archery, sailing and bowling over six days.
The Times usually prints 11,300 per week but
during the games produced an extra 7,500 copies of the daily.
Sales figures are not yet available but managing director June Wishart
said that most shops so far are saying they have no returns.
The games attracted 2,000 competitors and officials from 24 islands
around the world.
Wishart said: “We are a small paper and haven’t
got that many employees so we all worked very hard. It was a very good
learning course for daily production we had two teams of journalists
one for the daily part of the paper and one for the weekly content as
well as a team of photographers. There was a good feeling within the
company and everyone pulled their weight although by the end of the
week it felt like there was a lack of sleep.”
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