Sheridan in new attack on Murdoch


Scottish MP Tommy Sheridan launched another attack on The Sun and The News of the World last night while on the BBC's Question Time programme, broadcast from Glasgow.

Sheridan accused the papers' publisher, Rupert Murdoch, of "dragging down the standards of journalism to the gutter".

He also accused The Sun and the News of the World of "vile vindictiveness". Sheridan said: "I don't accept the last two weeks of The Sun and News of the World outside my home following his wife,Gail, to a mothers and toddlers group. They should be ashamed of themselves."

The socialist politician was awarded £200,000 in libel damages against the Scottish News of the World over claims about his sex life. The paper is appealing and claims to have a tape which proves Sheridan committed perjury during the libel case.

At the weekend the News of the World described Sheridan as an "effing liar" and a "sleazeball". Asking why he wasn't suing the NoW again, Sheridan claimed that he was still waiting for the £200,000 in libel damages which has not been paid while the appeal is pending. Sheridan sacked his lawyers during the libel case and represented himself.


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