Sharp decline in number of magazines launching in US - Press Gazette

Sharp decline in number of magazines launching in US

The number of new magazines launched in the US this year has fallen significantly.

From 431 in 2006 and 386 in 2007 to 335. That’s a drop of 13 per cent in one year. Most of the new magazines were small, with a narrow defined focus.

The biggest category was health with 31 new titles, then regional magazines (24 new titles) while food was third with 17.

Despite the big decline in magazine advertising and the growing power of the internet, most publishers still see a future for magazines.

“You get more ad dollars from print than on online” said the president of Oxbridge Communications, which owns an online database called Media Finder.

“If publishers can find subjects that truly interest people, then they can find the advertising,” he added.

But there are still casualties. Just last week Newsday, the New York suburban newspaper company, folded three magazines it has been publishing: Wellness, Parents & Children and Distinction.

Four big titles, CosmoGirl, Quick & Simple, Radar and Golf for Women, folded earlier.