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Scots papers hit back at Vogts

Departed Scottish national football coach Berti Vogts has lambasted the Scottish tabloids for their power to “make or break” people in public life.

Although Vogts, who quit on Monday, said that the major factor in his decision to quit was the “disgraceful abuse” – including being spat upon- which he had received from a tiny minority of fans, he claimed that this was also down to the tabloids.

However, the Scottish tabloids were unfazed by Vogts’ vitriolic outburst, led by the Scottish Sun , which accused him of bowing out with a “paranoid, self-incriminating rant”.

The tabloids seized on the spitting allegation with glee as the headline writers had a field day.

“Thank Gob! Bitter Berti quits” was the Scottish Daily Star ‘s front-page splash. The Scottish Daily Mirror chipped in with the front-page headline: “Spat’s My Lot” and the Daily Record came up with “Spit’s All Over”.

The Daily Record lashed out in its leader column. “The outgoing manager says he had no real right of reply.

That is nonsense. His team had the opportunity to do plenty of talking on the pitch. When they did, they talked mince.”