Scotland Yard to investigate Miller murder

The attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, has ordered the Metropolitan Police to investigate the deaths of two British journalists, killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza strip in 2003.

Goldsmith used the opportunity of a visit to Israel to press the Israeli government for information on the killing of cameraman James Miller and journalist Tom Hurndall.

Responding to a Parliamentary question, Goldsmith said: "My office has passed information about my visit to the Crown Prosecution Service and the Metropolitan Police and has also updated the English solicitors acting for the Miller and Hurndall families.

"As a result of my visit, I expect to obtain further information shortly that will assist me in carrying out my independent role in considering prosecutions in the United Kingdom."

James Miller was killed by an Israeli soldier in Gaza in May 2003 while he was filming a documentary. He was carrying a white flag and wearing a jacket with the letters TV on it.

A spokesperson for the attorney general's office told Press Gazette: "We're always very keen to make sure that we talk about both cases, but there is an acknowledgement that with Tom Hurndall's case someone has already been prosecuted. That is the difference between the two — in James Miller's case no one has been prosecuted.

"It now goes through the usual legal process, during which the Metropolitan Police will gather and assess the information surrounding the two cases and decide whether there is enough information to take the investigation any further. At that point the Crown Prosecution Service will advise on potential charges that could possibly arise."

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