Scarlet guns for 40,000 in ABCs

Saucy women’s monthly Scarlet is ‘gunning for 40,000’in its first set of published ABC figures, according to publisher Gavin Griffiths.

Scarlet launched just over two years ago. The ABC figures for the last six months of 2006, to be released next week, will be the first it has published.

The team behind Scarlet has recently launched an online weekly gossip magazine, Harlot, to rival Holy Moly and Popbitch. Aimed at women aged 25 to 45, it will go out to readers every Wednesday by email and is set to be a mix of gossip, trends, shopping and web weirdness.

Last year Scarlet gained 65,000 subscribers to its email spin-off, The Scarlet Letter.

Griffiths, former publisher of The Erotic Review, said: ‘We thought that in 2007 we would create a new online brand with its own voice and agenda. Harlot embodies all the beliefs and ideals of its sister magazine, but being online has enabled us to be even more thrusting and vibrant, which really means we can slag off celebrities for what they did yesterday and have up-to-the minute wry and acerbic observation.”

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