Savile scoop journalist Miles Goslett named UK editor of News Corp libertarian website Heat Street

Savile scandal scoop journalist Miles Goslett has been appointed UK editor of a new libertarian news website launched by News Corp.

The site Heat Street is being launched by former Conservative MP Louise Mensch.

According to a News Corp spokesman, the site will "in a spirit of free speech and no ‘safe spaces', cover a variety of topics from a diversity of viewpoints".

Goslett will provide content for the US site, taking advantage of the time difference, and will also provide UK coverage.

Goslett was the first journalist to break news of the fact BBC Newsnight had spiked an investigation into allegations Jimmy Savile was a paedophile in The Oldie magazine.

Last year be broke news of financial irregularities at Kids Company in The Spectator.

Mensch has been working on digital projects for News Corp since 2014.



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1 thought on “Savile scoop journalist Miles Goslett named UK editor of News Corp libertarian website Heat Street”

  1. Just finished reading Goslett’s article on Dylan being awarded the Noble Prize for Literature. Goslett inanely wrote ‘So Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. He doesn’t seem particularly pleased about it.’ Because Dylan hasn’t responded regarding receiving the award that means he doesn’t seem particularly pleased? Dylan’s known to ignore the press. It’s been noted throughout his career that Dylan’s extremely private. Yet Goslett, who didn’t try to contact Dylan or his management, comes to his ridiculous conclusion. That’s just in reason why Goslett is a hack journalist . I could go on and on with other ridiculous quotes from Dylan used by Goslett in his article, but I’ve decided this is enough of my time spent thinking about Goslett. No need to read any more of non-researched horrible opinion pieces. Goslett would fit in perfectly with the staff writers if the. National Enquirer.

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