Sales staff out numbereditorial in regional press

Some 30 per cent of the regional press workforce is employed within
the commercial, advertising and marketing sector, compared to 26 per
cent of those in editorial, according to new figures released by the
Newspaper Society.

Commercial departments account for 15,397 of
the total 53,562 of employees, while editorial staff accounts for
13,020. There are 704 members of senior management, or two per cent of
the workforce. Press and production staff make up 16 per cent.

questionnaire for January to December 2003 was distributed by the
society to all local and regional publishing groups. Results showed
over £2,237 million was spent overall keeping newspapers running, just
less than half of which went on staff costs.

Newsprint cost 13 per cent and six per cent went towards distribution, with a similar amount on depreciation.

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