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Sainsbury's magazine launches new look with McCartney exclusive

Sainsbury’s magazine has celebrated its redesign with an exclusive interview with ex-Beatle Paul McCartney.

The normally media-shy star, who recently went through a messy divorce with one legged-model Heather Mills, gave a rare interview to the Seven Publishing magazine.

McCartney opens up to the magazine about life as a parent, and pleads with readers to join him in being vegetarian to save the planet, hitting back at celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay who frequently voices his dislike for vegetarians.

Sainsbury’s magazine celebrated its 15th year in May, and the new look October issue has responded to the credit crunch with a new section that includes money saving recipes.

Editor Sue Robinson said the changes came after talking to readers around the country. She said: “We’ve refreshed the look, changed the format and made the magazine even easier to use.

‘They told us they, like everyone else, are feeling the pinch so we’ve responded with a brand new section of time and money saving recipes. Beating the credit crunch never tasted so good.”

Other changes include a new lifestyle section called ‘Best Life’ which includes advice in health, beauty, fashion and emotional wellbeing and a ‘The Big Feature’ which each month will look at issues affecting the readers, the October issue tackling insomnia.