Sadler sues footy chairman over book

Sports journalist John Sadler is sueing the controversial chairman of Darlington FC after accusing him of reneging on plans for a book about his life.

Sadler, who agreed to ghost write convicted safe-cracker George Reynolds’ life story, spent hours interviewing him, and negotiated a £70,000 publishing deal with Time Warner Books, according to a High Court writ.

But he claims Reynolds reneged on their agreement by initially saying he wanted his wife, Susan, to write the book, and then by using another writer, Patrick Lavelle, to write the book. And to add insult to injury, the book appeared under the same name, Cracked It!, which Sadler had chosen, the writ says.

Now Sadler, who says he has lost the £35,000 Time Warner advance, is sueing Reynolds for damages for breach of contract and confidentiality.

He describes Reynolds as a colourful character, and a former safe-breaker and robber who admits to convictions and jail time for “burglary, safe-blowing, larceny and handling explosives”, the High Court will hear.

Sadler argues that he entered into a contract to ghost write the autobiography in May 2001, and to find a publisher, and says the pair agreed to split all earnings from the book equally.

By Sarah Limbrick

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