UK media sanctioned: Full list of 41 journalists banned from Russia

Russia declares war on UK journalists: 41 leading editors and reporters sanctioned

Russia has sanctioned 41 UK journalists –  including editors at the BBC, Times, Daily Mail and Guardian – banning them from entering the country.

A statement published by Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on 14 June said: “The British journalists included in the list are involved in the deliberate dissemination of false and one-sided information about Russia and the events in Ukraine and Donbas. With their biased assessments, they also contribute to fueling Russophobia in British society.”

There were 29 journalists banned in the first group. A further 12 were added to the list on 1 August, chosen because, the Russian government said, they “contribute to London’s hostile course aimed at the demonisation of our country and its international isolation”.

Which journalists has Russia banned?

Full list of UK journalists now banned from entering the Russian Federation is as follows:

  • Shaun Walker: Correspondent, The Guardian
  • Con Coughlin:  Columnist for the Daily Telegraph
  • Stuart Ramsay: Chief correspondent, Sky News
  • James Rothwell: Journalist for the Daily Telegraph
  • John Witherow: Editor-in-chief, The Times
  • Chris Evans: Editor-in-chief of the Daily Telegraph
  • Richard Sharp:  Chairman of the Board of Governors, BBC
  • Tim Davie: Director general and editor in chief, BBC
  • Kath Viner: Editor-in-chief, The Guardian
  • Clive Myrie: Presenter and foreign correspondent, BBC
  • Orla Guerin: Foreign correspondent, BBC
  • Nick Robinson: Today presenter, BBC
  • Paul Adams: Diplomatic correspondent, BBC
  • Nick Beake: Europe correspondent, BBC
  • Alex Thomson: Chief correspondent, Channel 4 News
  • Dan Rivers: Correspondent, ITV News
  • Peter Beaumont:  Reporter, The Guardian
  • Emma Graham-Harrison: Reporter, The Guardian
  • Sophy Ridge: Journalist and host,  Sky News
  • Cathy Newman: Journalist and host, Channel 4 News
  • Ted Verity: Editor-in-chief, Daily Mail
  • Christian Broughton: MD, The Independent
  • Larisa Brown: Defence editor,  The Times
  • Mark Galeotti: Political scientist and freelance journalist
  • Joe Barnes: Brussels correspondent, Daily Telegraph
  • Gideon Rachman: Columnist for the Financial Times
  • Luke Harding: Foreign correspondent, The Guardian
  • Dominic Lawson: Columnist for The Sunday Times and Daily Mail
  • Lawrence Freedman: Columnist for The Sunday Times

Following group added 1/8/22:

  • David Aaronovitch: columnist for The Times
  • Dan Sabbagh: Defence and security editor for The Guardian
  • James Crisp: Europe editor for The Daily Telegraph
  • David G Rose: Freelance
  • Caroline Wheeler: Political editor for The Sunday Times
  • John Ryley: Head of Sky News
  • Jonathon Munro: Head of BBC News
  • Edward Carr: Deputy editor of The Economist
  • Jerome Starkey: Defence and Ukraine correspondent for The Sun
  • Robert Peston: Political editor for ITV News
  • Piers Morgan: Presenter at TalkTV
  • Huw Edwards: Presenter for BBC News at Ten

A spokesperson for the BBC said: “We will continue to report independently and fairly.”

Another 20 figures who Moscow claim are linked to the defence industry were also sanctioned.

Russia said those figures on the list who are connected to the UK defence industry had been involved in making decisions “on the supply of weapons to Ukraine, which are used by local punishers and Nazi formations to kill civilians and destroy civilian infrastructure”.

They included Britain’s navy chief and senior executives at defence and aerospace firms Thales UK and BAE Systems.

Picture: TalkTV screenshot



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Author: Dominic Ponsford

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