Rusbridger signals move to more user-generated content

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger told this afternoon's Changing Media Summit that it is "impossible to predict on what technology platform journalism will be delivered in five years' time or even a year."

But he predicted that more and more of that content will be provided by the readers themselves – as opposed to journalists.

He said: "We are grappling with this balance of what goes on to the website and what goes in the paper. A great part of that web[content] will be generated by users in time."

But he added: "The role of journalists in this multi-media age has not changed and that user-generated content will only be a compliment to their work.

"There is still a role for people to find things out. But to have people sat in a newsroom in Wapping or Farringdon Road thinking they know everything is barmy.

"The smart journalists are working out ways of using that [user generated content]."

Rusbridger also took a side swipe at media dynasties such as those of Rupert Murdoch and the Barclay Brothers, saying: "Apart from the House of Lords, there is no other area which is hereditary in this country."


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