RSF claims suspects in editor killing fled to UK

The director of public prosecutions in Sierra Leone, Oladipoh Robin Mason, has requested the extradition from the UK of three people wanted in connection with the killing of a newspaper editor.

According to Reporters Without Borders, three of the children of Sierra Leone MP Fatmata Hassan Komeh were involved in the beating of Harry Yansaneh in May 2005. According to RSF, Yansaneh was the acting editor of For Di People and died as a result of his injuries two and a half months after the alleged beating.

RSF has named Ahmed Komeh, Bai Bureh Komeh and Aminata Komeh as the three suspects.

It said that a Sierra Leone jury concluded at a preliminary hearing in February that Yansaneh's death was a case of involuntary manslaughter in which several persons including Komeh's three children were involved.

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