Royal Television Society Journalism Awards 2002/2003 - Press Gazette

Royal Television Society Journalism Awards 2002/2003

Royal Television Society Journalism Awards 2002/2003

Hosted by Dermot Murnaghan, BBC Breakfast


News Programme of the Year

ITV Evening News ITV1

“The winning entry was commended by the judges for its overall standards of reporting and analysis which were described as first class. The programme’s treatment of stories was smart, clever, original and effective. They were prepared to experiment and frequently created a real sense of energy and adventure – particularly in the ways they used their political editor.”


BBC Ten O’Clock News BBC ONE

Channel 4 News Channel 4

News – International

Welcome To Baghdad – ITV News ITV1

“The judges found it hard to select the outright winner. The winning entry demonstrated the power of clear story telling by combining pictures, sound and a tight script to superb effect. You felt that you were beside John Irvine on the road to Baghdad.”


Friendly Fire – BBC Ten O’Clock News BBC ONE

Liberia – James Brabazon for BBC Newsnight BBC TWO

Television Journalist of the Year

John Irvine ITV1

“This year’s winner has been a contender in previous years because of the consistent quality of his work. But this year he has really come through and from the strongest of fields. The judges noted his bravery, the quality of his writing to picture and his long term commitment to this story.”


Lindsey Hilsum Channel 4

James Mates ITV1

News Event

Iraq War Channel 4

“The winner dared to be different in its coverage of the war. It explored themes untouched by other broadcasters, and from the studio marshalled a vigorous dialogue about the rights and wrongs of the war and its conduct. Channel 4 reporters, most notably Lindsay Hilsum, contributed poise and insight from the front line.”


The Iraq War BBC ONE

War In Iraq Sky News

News – Home

Ulster Racism BBC ONE

“The winning entry stood out and tackled a story rarely seen on British television news. The reporter combined journalistic determination with sophisticated production values to unearth an original story and produce a very memorable report about racism in Britain. What’s more the winner broke news.”


Chatroom Dangers BBC ONE

Dodgy Dossier – Channel 4 News Channel 4

Regional Current Affairs

Loyalists at War – Spotlight BBC Northern Ireland

“This programme was brave in the best sense of the word. The production team had taken considered risks to gain rare access to a dangerous world. The result was an illuminating and insightful programme which threw new light on Northern Ireland’s paramilitaries.”


Rough Sleepers – Crimefighters Chameleon for Yorkshire Television

A Tale of Torture – Frontline Scotland BBC Scotland News and Current Affairs for BBC ONE Scotland

Current Affairs – Home

Cot Death – Real Story with Fiona Bruce BBC ONE

“The winning programme had been carefully produced and contained a wealth of insights into an important and ongoing story. In particular, the reporter on the programme had shown praiseworthy determination to uncover the facts behind the case.”


ID Snatchers – Kenyon Confronts BBC ONE

Seroxat: Emails from the Edge – Panorama BBC ONE

Current Affairs – International

In The Line of Fire – Panorama BBC ONE

“From a strong field featuring much high quality – and frequently brave – reportage and telling investigative journalism, one programme stood out as the unanimous choice of the judges in this category. This was the start of a truly shocking event in which the reporter and his team became directly involved. They had presence of mind to record all that went on around them and captured disturbing and memorable footage. This was crafted into a fine documentary film showing the ghastly reality of modern warfare and its aftermath in moving human terms.”


Breaking the Silence – Truth and Lies in the War on Terror Carlton Television for ITV1

The Killing Zone – Dispatches Channel 4

Specialist Journalism

Hilary Andersson BBC ONE and BBC FOUR

“From a strong field, one reporter was recognised by all the judges as having had an outstanding year. Amid strong competition, judges said her journalism displayed insight and compassion, and had huge impact. Her work, largely for BBC FOUR News, covered the Aids crisis in Botswana, child kidnapping in Uganda, and torture in Zimbabwe.”


Tim Marshall Sky News

Rageh Omaar BBC ONE

Young Journalist of the Year

Mark Daly – The Secret Policeman Documentaries and Contemporary Factual for BBC ONE

“The winning entry was a brilliant piece of journalism that demonstrated not just superb investigative reporting but also excellent film making techniques and bravery. The winner worked alone and undercover for seven months. Secret Policeman is an unforgettable exposé of racism and a testimony to our winner’s skills as a journalist and filmmaker.”


Ben Anderson BBC TWO

Ben D’Arcy Central News (South)

News Channel of the Year

Sky News

“The judges noted that this sector of the TV news business had witnessed significant change and innovation with all the players striving – with some success – to raise their game. However, in spite of the presence of much they wished to commend on the other channels, the judges were unanimous in their view that none yet matched the winner who had continued to innovate in their coverage of the war and elsewhere and, as a news channel, remain – simply the best!”

Regional Daily News Magazine

Meridian Tonight (South) Meridian Broadcasting

“A strong local story was tenaciously followed to India where the news team seemed to be hot on the heels of the main suspect. This was courageous journalism, which made an impact on the judges, as it must have done with the viewers. Something different which caught the eye and showed a refreshing ambition to get the job done.”


Scotland Today Scottish TV

BBC London News BBC London

Programme of the Year

Living with Michael Jackson Granada Television

“The winner exhibited great journalistic enterprise. To get the interview was remarkable enough but to turn it into such riveting television with serious revelations that have stood the test of fierce reaction marked this out as the outstanding programme of the year.”

Presenter of the Year

John Stapleton GMTV

“The judges greatly admired the winner’s approachable tone and his ability to ask the right questions of his subjects. He is not frightened to be personal – but always to good effect. His work over the years has attracted less attention than it deserves. He has range, and a terrific touch. The professional’s professional.”


Mark Austin ITV1

Jon Snow Channel 4

Camera Operator of the Year

Darren Conway BBC FOUR and BBC ONE

“The winning entrant found himself in the firing line from the very earliest stages of the war. His coverage of the commando raids on the Al Faw peninsula was some of the most memorable of the war. Shot largely at night, he showed amazing tenacity, courage and endurance.”


Rob Bowles ITV1

Fred Scott BBC ONE and BBC FOUR


Reporting the Courts Sky News

“The winners devised a range of radical and imaginative solutions to the enduring problem of covering judicial proceedings where cameras are banned. These were used to brilliant effect for the Soham trial and the Hutton enquiry. They introduced persuasive retrospective highlights of courtroom proceedings on a daily basis using actors and journalists – and at the Hutton inquiry they were able to provide near instant on screen coverage of the evidence – a television first.”


CNN’s Digital Newsgathering CNN

APTN Direct Associated Press Television News