Roy Summerhayes - Retired editor and Wiltshire Times sub-editor - Press Gazette

Roy Summerhayes - Retired editor and Wiltshire Times sub-editor

Roy Summerhayes, a former editor of the Ealing and Acton Gazette in west London, has died aged 85.

the end of his career in the 1980s, Roy was a sub-editor on the
Wiltshire Times, which he joined in the late 1970s when both papers
were owned by Westminster Press.

Jack Brennen, who later became
editor of the Wiltshire Times, described him as “a distinguished and
respected editor and a loyal colleague with a great sense of humour”.

also spoke of Summerhayes’ courage and bravery during the Second World
War and how he survived as a Japanese prisoner of war in Singapore.

said, “He was a truculent and feisty character who you couldn’t fail to
admire and I believe those wartime experiences took a toll on his
health in later years.”

Keith Gale, deputy editor of the Wiltshire Times, said, “Roy was a great character of the old school.

retained his enthusiasm for journalism even after his retirement and he
was always willing to pass on his knowledge. His sense of humour was
second to none.”

The love of Roy’s life was his wife Peggy, who died a few years ago. From then until his death he spent time with his daughters.

was also able to visit his son Ian, who lives in the United States, and
who returned to England to attend the funeral at West Wiltshire

Keith Gale, Wiltshire Times