Routledge: 'give staff a say on pay'

Daily Mirror political columnist Paul Routledge has attacked the way the British Association of Journalists is conducting pay talks at the paper.

The BAJ represents journalists on Trinity Mirror’s national titles, who are understood to have been offered a pay rise of 2.75 per cent with a minimum guaranteed rise of £1,000 and a £400 one-off payment.

In a memo to MGN general manager Ellis Watson, Routledge said: “The union BAJ which represents us – misrepresents may be a better word – has not allowed a vote of all those affected.

“Many (like myself) are not members of that organisation, and it is surely contrary to natural justice that our terms and conditions of employment should be determined in this hole-in-corner fashion.

“I speak only for myself, but I know that others share my disquiet. A majority of Mirror staff would like to have a direct say in the conduct of pay negotiations.”

Press Gazette put Routledge’s concerns to BAJ general secretary Steve Turner. He said in a statement: “The story is overwhelmingly untrue and Press Gazette must stop telling lies about the BAJ.”

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