Rosie Boycott and Charlotte Raven part of team seeking to revive Spare Rib

Radical feminist publication, Spare Rib, plans to turn the “patriarchal tables” with its return as a glossy magazine and website next month.

Rosie Boycott, who co-founded the title in 1972 with Marsha Rowe, is understood to have joined the team which is aiming to formally launch the magazine on 27 May.

The former editor of the Express and Independent will join playwright Penelope Skinner and Tania Shew as one of nine contributing editors according to the journalist organising the relaunch, Charlotte Raven – the Guardian reports. 

Raven and the rest of the team have raised £6,000 to launch a Spare Rib website in May but need £20,000 to fund a bi-monthly print magazine by autumn.

The writer and regular contributor for the Guardian said that supporters will be wined and dined at a Shoreditch party where “costumed penitents” including MP George Galloway and columnist Rod Little will serve cocktails.

She said: “At the Restitution Ball, the patriarchal tables will be turned.  Women will be served 'Fucking Mary' cocktails by George Galloway, Rod Liddle and other costumed penitents, while the men are kept pointlessly occupied: sweeping up, 'keeping fit' and worrying about their work/life balance.”

The team behind Spare Rib is looking for a commitment of £100 or more from backers who are, “as frustrated as we are by the PR and celebrity-filled women's magazines and long for an alternative.”

Spare Rib launched in 1972 and was published until 1993.

Raven describes her team as a “disaffected group of artists, activists and journalists” who plan to operate the new title and free website whilst keeping the tagline "life not lifestyle" in mind.

Raven claims Spare Rib will be the first publication to be run as a members' organisation, as the first 300 people to donate £100 will be given a year's subscription and become founder members with access to an exclusive event in July. 

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