Robert Peston receives top business journalist honour

BBC business editor Robert Peston was last night honoured for coming top in Press Gazette’s top 50 business journalists survey.

Former New Statesman contributor Peston was attending a party for past and present NS journalists at the ground floor atrium of John Carpenter House – the offices on Carmelite Street, London, which Press Gazette shares with the NS.

Peston was named the top business journalist in the UK by a survey of one thousand members of the public and 50 business journalists commissioned by Press Gazette.

Handing over a framed display board of the relevant pages from the December monthly edition of Press Gazette, editor Dominic Ponsford: “Robert Peston is unusual in that he is popular among both the general public and his peers – who both voted him top in our survey.

“As one of the journalists who responded to our survey said: ‘Robert Peston is not only a great story getter and writer, but he is courteous, tenacious and has the great knack of presenting a complex position succinctly and intelligibly. He is also a very good writer. What more can you ask?'”

Peston told Press Gazette: “I could not be more thrilled to be voted top by the public and by fellow hacks. When you have beeen in the trade for as long as I have – 25 years – there is no greater honour.”

In the February edition, Press Gazette will be naming the top 50 comment writers in the UK – again following a survey of members of the public and journalists working in the sector.

While the top-line findings of this survey will be published online – the detailed results will only be available in print to Press Gazette magazine subscribers.

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