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Ridding made FT deputy as Freeland gets FT.com

John Ridding

 Andrew Gowers, who takes over as editor of the Financial Times on 1 October, will have his top team already in place.

Last week, he announced the promotion of managing editor John Ridding as his deputy editor and his raiding of the Globe and Mail, Toronto, to bring back Chrystia Freeland, the paper’s former news editor, as editor of FT.com and as the paper’s assistant editor.

Freedland was poached from the FT by Richard Addis as his deputy when he took over the editorship of the Globe and Mail two years ago. She was news editor for part of the year when Gowers was acting editor of the paper while Richard Lambert was in New York boosting the FT’s US circulation.

Freedland will be working closely with Clay Harris, news editor of FT.com, to build on its editorial success and will report to Gowers.

Ridding and Freedland will replace Peter Martin, deputy editor of the FT and editorial director of FT.com, who has been appointed chief business columnist and associate editor.

Martin will write columns, as well as features and leaders, focusing on major business and financial topics.

Ridding has held a number of reporting and editing positions at the FT in Europe and Asia and will work with Gowers to continue the paper’s expansion in all markets, in print and online.

He has been managing editor since 1998, responsible for the editorial expansion of the FT in the UK and abroad.

Ridding joined the FT’s foreign desk in 1988 from consultancy Oxford Analytica. He has been the Hong Kong bureau chief, Paris correspondent, Korea correspondent and a reporter on the UK companies team.

Freeland was the UK news editor for the FT from 1998 to 1999. In 1994, she was the FT’s Eastern Europe correspondent and between 1995 and 1998 she was the Moscow bureau chief.

Martin joined the FT in 1988 as features editor and was appointed financial editor in 1990. In 1994, he headed a cross-departmental team preparing editorial, advertising and marketing for the FT’s international expansion. In September 1999, Martin was made editorial director of the FT’s internet activities and has been responsible for the editorial content of the site and the integration of the online and print editorial teams.

Gowers said the new appointments will strengthen the senior editorial team and give another boost to the paper’s expansion. "FT reporting is unrivalled. We have a fantastic newspaper and a first-rate website, which provide us with many exciting editorial opportunities," he commented.

"Peter has done a great job with the newspaper and FT.com, building an integrated editorial operation and a world-class business site.

"In his new position he will further sharpen our competitive edge in business commentary," said Gowers.

By Jean Morgan