Revolution has first redesign in 11 years

Monthly digital marketing magazine, Revolution, has had its first redesign in the 11 years since it launched.

The October issue of the Haymarket Business Media magazine dropped news from the front of the magazine in favour of more analytical features.

The magazine redesign will be followed early next year by a relaunch of its website, revolutionmagazine.co.uk, which will focus on news.

Editor Gareth Jones said the whole magazine has been rebuilt from scratch to reflect the changes in people’s reading habits.

He said: ‘The reason it hasn’t been redesigned before is that people love the content, the features and analysis they got, which has carried the magazine through. But online, people are a lot less patient; you have five or six seconds to grab their attention. The redesign [of the print magazine] reflects that by being a lot more accessible and easier to read we’re creating a magazine for people who are used to being online.”

New features include The Download, which provides an overview of news and issues in the market, and Inside Track, which offers a breakdown of the marketing department of a big brand each month to examine the prominence of digital in different companies.

Jones said that although rival marketing titles are including an increasing level of digital content as the marketing industry shifts its focus further online, Revolution still has a USP by providing ‘smarter digital marketing”.

He explained: ‘A lot of the other trade magazines will take marketing campaigns and marketing strategies on face value. The whole point of Revolution is looking at what’s next. For example, our cover feature has industry experts looking at the next ten years of Google.”

The Opinion section in the magazine has a new line-up, including former Handbag.com managing director, Nancy Cuickwshank and Undercurrent founder and brand strategist Josh Spear.

Revolution has an average circulation of 11,812 with 8,342 of those controlled free and the remainder single copy subscription sales.

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