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Reuters staff await news of possible GMTV move

The 17 journalists at Reuters who provide news to GMTV are awaiting the outcome of negotiations between the broadcasters that will determine their fate, as Reuters prepares to end its supply contract with the breakfast broadcaster at the end of this year.

However, negotiations between the broadcasters as to the journalists’ future appeared to be in deadlock this week, as both sides told Press Gazette that they “were waiting to hear” from the other.

The NUJ will meet with Reuters on 8 August to try to discuss a favourable transition for journalists who may now be surplus to Reuters’ requirements after the contract ends.

Reuters has given GMTV six months’ notice that it will cease to provide the reporting element to the ITV broadcaster’s news service. As part of a wide-ranging campaign to cut costs, Reuters will now only supply footage.

A Reuters spokeswoman said the agency had not heard back from GMTV as to its intentions. However, Paul Corley, managing director of GMTV, said: “It is Reuters’ contract, so we need to hear from them. It’s their contract that runs out.”

The main subject on the agenda that concerns journalists is the need to determine the terms and conditions for a possible transfer of editorial staff.

“We’re taking advice on that and I’m sure they [Reuters] are too,” Corley said.



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