Reuters' online tribute to its journalists in Iraq

Reuters today launched a unique multimedia online documentary called “Bearing Witness” which pays tribute to its 100 correspondents who have reported from Iraq over the last five years of war.

The package includes video, still photos and text – a graphic-led maps and data section and an interactive photographic timeline of the conflict.

Seven Reuters journalists have died reporting from Iraq.

Interviewees on the package include Gulf bureau chief Samia Nakhoul, who has reported from the Middle East for 20 years and Reuters Iraq bureau chiefs past and present including Alastair McDonald and Dean Yates.

Reuters says in the introduction to Bearing Witness: “Through half a decade of war, a team of 100 Reuters correspondents,photographers, cameramen and support staff have strived to bring the world news from the most dangerous country for the press.

“This their testimony – bearing witness to ensure the story of Iraq is not lost.”

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