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Reporter gets world picture scoop

Mail on Sunday feature writer Sarah Oliver has astonished colleagues with her coverage from Iraq by revealing a new talent as a photographer.

Her pooled copy of the stirring “Shakespearean” speech by Lieutenant Colonel Tim Collins to his men on the eve of battle won headlines across the world and the praise of MoS editor Peter Wright.

But Oliver, who is embedded with the Royal Irish Regiment, does not have a photographer with her.

So she bought a digital camera two days before heading off to the Gulf and was given a brief lesson by the picture desk in how to wire images via her satellite phone.

Her subsequent pictures of a cigar-chewing, Ray Ban-wearing Lt-Col Collins made a full-page splash in The Sun and were used by most of the nationals and papers across the globe.

Oliver, who is the chief feature writer on the MoS Review section, said: “My holiday pictures have never been up to much so I’m just delighted I managed to wire the pictures and that they’ve been used so well.”

Her latest reports tracked the regiment into southern Iraq and to the crucial territory around the Rumailah oilfield, which was the scene of fierce fighting between the US Marines and Saddam Hussein’s forces.