'Repercussions will last a decade'

 The editor of Flight International has predicted that the magazine will be covering the implications of the terrorist attack for at least a decade.

Murdo Morrison said: "It will dominate our news coverage for a while, but in the long-term we’ll be writing about the repercussions in 10 years’ time and beyond." The magazine’s coverage focused on issues including changes to safety regulations, such as sealing the flight deck door during flights, and having armed air-marshals, or security guards, on commercial flights. The magazine had an exclusive interview with the operations director from the National Air Traffic Service, who talked about the logistical problem of clearing 197 planes from US air space in a short space of time.  Members of the team were asked for expert comments by a range of broadcasting outlets. David Learmount, Flight International’s operations and safety editor, appeared on Sky, ITN, BBC’s Ten O’ Clock News and the special show with David Dimbleby.

News editor Andrew Chuter "mopped up" the many local radio stations that also wanted a comment.


By Mary Stevens

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