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Regional push for The Guardian

The Guardian has started a series of regional circulation drives headed by Charlie Burgess.

Burgess has moved from editing the paper’s weekly Media Guardian .

Media reporter Matt Wells is to take over the editorship of Media Guardian, while Owen Gibson is set to take Wells’ place.

Burgess, whose new job title is assistant editor, said: “I’ve been involved in regional pushes in three cities so far: Leeds, Manchester and Dublin.

“We have seen significant rises percentage-wise so far just by targeting those places, without spending much money on marketing.”

Burgess said the regional drive was partly a question of “making the best use of what we’ve got” by using billboards and other means to draw attention to editorial of local interest.

Burgess is also involved with development of The Guardian ‘s switch to mid-size Berliner format in 2006.

By Dominic Ponsford