Rees to edit Men's Health as Geller lands 'secret' Bauer job - Press Gazette

Rees to edit Men's Health as Geller lands 'secret' Bauer job

Maxim deputy editor Morgan Rees is to replace Men’s Health editor Simon Geller, who has quit to work on a secret new project for Bauer.

Geller edited Men’s Health for four years, having previously been managing editor on Maxim and editor of teen magazine Mizz.

He declined to go into detail about the Bauer project this week saying it was all “top secret” and may or may not lead to a launch. He has been working on dummies with a small team at Bauer since April.

“I left Men’s Health on good terms. I’ve been in magazines 20 years and this is the first time I’ve had the chance to work on a new launch. I found the idea of a blank page and starting from scratch very exciting. Being an editor is sometimes not that creative because you have to deal with budgets and stuff. This is very exciting and very creative,” said Geller.

Rees, who is working out his notice on Maxim, issued a statement saying Men’s Health would continue to feature advice on how men can take control of their physical and emotional lives and he hoped to make it “even more compelling”.

By Ruth Addicott