Red-top journalism making a difference from The Sun and the Daily Mirror


Two great examples of journalism making a difference at the much maligned red-top end of the market today.

The Daily Mirror carries seven pages of coverage from its 11th Pride of Britain Awards which have become a huge annual event for the title. Prince Charles was the guest of honour and other star guests included Bruce Forsyth, Tom Jones, Simon Cowell and Russell Brand.

The event is one night where the vacuous celebs let people who have really achieved something take the limelight, like teacher of the year Rachel Dixon, and freelance writer James Pout who saved a drunk from the path of an oncoming tube train.

Meanwhile rival red-top, The Sun, continues to mark 30 years of agony aunt Deidre Sanders by publishing some of the amazing thank-you letters from people she has helped. People like Paul Sallis, now 60, who wrote to Deidre in 2002 because he was facing Christmas alone after the breakdown of his marriage and the loss of his job. Deidre wrote about him in her column and sent him a Christmas card, as did 80 Sun readers – one of whom he ended up marrying.

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