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Record giants furious at Music Week snub

Music Week has had a bust-up with Sony and Warner Music, two of the biggest names in the industry, after it failed to include the two companies’ chairmen in its list of the 50 most in?uential people in music.

The blip sparked fury among executives at Sony and Warner Music, which have both pulled advertising and cancelled subscriptions.

Gary Farrow, vice-president of communications at Sony, said he had placed an inde?nite ban on advertising and subscriptions.

“It’s a private matter, but what I will say is that it’s a difference of opinion – their opinion differs from ours,” he told Press Gazette.

“We’ve got 28 per cent market share and we’re number one, two and three in the album chart at the moment. As a company we’re pretty damn hot, so it’s not really a complete list, is it?” Brian Southall, vice-president of corporate communications for Warner Music International, said its chairman, Nick Philips, was “very disappointed” and had received a letter of apology from Music Week.

As the industry bible, Music Week has had a long-running relationship with both companies.

Insiders said the row could not have come at a worse time, given the publicity surrounding the relaunch last month, the title’s biggest overhaul in more than 10 years.

One of the main objectives was to raise the magazine’s pro?le by championing more up and coming British talent.

Speaking to Press Gazette last month, Music Week editor-in-chief Ajax Scott promised there would be “more of an edge” to the news and a greater focus on bigger stories.

Farrow said: “It is the industry publication, but Sony and Warner Music are two of the ?ve majors, so without our participation it’s not a re?ective publication.

Music Week declined to comment.


By Ruth Addicott