Reaction to The New Day: 'Grazia meets Good Housekeeping, with a dose of Take a Break' - Press Gazette

Reaction to The New Day: 'Grazia meets Good Housekeeping, with a dose of Take a Break'

Here's a round-up of the reaction so far to new Trinity Mirror national daily newspaper The New Day which launched today:
"For those who thought there was no room in the UK’s crowded  national newspaper market for another title: think again. The New Day does have a point of difference: more feminine, lighter (without being dumbed down), brighter and refreshingly even handed and open minded.
"The challenge will be providing enough value for money with its small editorial team to persuade readers to part with 50p every day when Metro is free (albeit only available in the larger cities) and the Daily Mail provides so much more for 65p."
"The paper itself is slim, ruthlessly capped at 40 clean, colourful pages. It looks less Mail than Metro — the free publication with which it is bound to compete. 
"With the exception of a robotic column from David Cameron, the prime minister, backing the campaign to stay in the European Union, The New Day has a lively tone. That makes a welcome change from the cynicism and snark found elsewhere. If the paper is to build a habit, however, it will have to persuade people to lift their heads from their smartphones and, from tomorrow, pay for the privilege of reading it. The hardest promise to live up to may, therefore, be the one plastered on the promotional wraparound cover of The New Day’s first edition: “Free today only.”"
"At first glance, I felt I was reading a less edgy version of Grazia meets Good Housekeeping, with a dose of Take A Break.
"In other words, The New Day doesn't feel much like a newspaper, although the news print has a thick, quality texture.
"I am doubtful it will sell when it competes with free titles such as Metro. But if The New Day succeeds, it will be because, as i has shown, readers want a quick, curated experience that offers less, not more."



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Author: Dominic Ponsford

Dominic Ponsford is the editor of Press Gazette