Reach unites regional titles for first time to highlight climate crisis

Reach unites regional titles for first time to highlight climate crisis

Dozens of regional brands owned by Reach, including the Manchester Evening News and Newcastle Chronicle, have joined forces for the first time today to highlight the climate emergency.

The #Do1Thing campaign has launched across 25 regional daily print titles and 37 of Reach’s regional Live websites, taking over mastheads and front pages with stories about how the climate crisis has affected each region.

The titles, which also include the Liverpool Echo, Bristol Post and Nottingham Post, are also sharing practical advice to show readers what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint.

Toby Chapman, assistant editorial director for Reach regionals, said: “Our editors agree that we have a responsibility to inform our readers and encourage them to address the climate crisis in their own way.

“As the leading regional publisher, we are in a strong position to engage and energise our readers to make positive changes to help the environment.”

Reach, which is the UK’s largest commercial news publisher, said it was the first time it had united its regional brands for a common cause.

It claimed the campaign will reach 155m monthly users online and 1m UK newspaper readers.

Each of the titles is sharing a story on 50 small things people can do to help take action against climate change, with editors writing about what they have personally chosen to do.

The websites are also using tools created by Reach’s data journalism team, including a carbon footprint calculator, for readers to work out the impact they are individually having on the planet.

A newsletter for the campaign will keep it running indefinitely for any readers who choose to sign up.

Reach also owns the Mirror, Express and Star national newspapers.

Some of the Reach regional front pages today:



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  1. More urgently, what about the UK’s emaciated-local-papers crisis/emergency? Reach could easily resolve this by reinstating proper staff and resources.

  2. #Do1Thing? Hopeless, serial-lying, promises-breaking, newspaper-ruining Bristol Post editor Mike Norton can ‘do one’.

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