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Rajars: New talk station struggles while GMG celebrates

The first all-talk commercial radio station to launch in over 10 years has posted
improved listening figures, but is a long way from reaching its year
one target.

Edinburgh's Talk 107, which launched in February this year, is listened to by
just 23,000 people, according to today's figures from Rajar.

The UTV-owned station has, however, increased its weekly audience from its first set of results three months ago, when it scored a mere 16,000 listeners.

In its application to Ofcom for the Edinburgh
licence, the talk station — which operates a 24-hour local newsroom and has a presenter line-up including
former BBC Scotland journalist Alex Bell and Scotsman diarist Simon Pia — predicted it would reach 140,000 listeners by the end of its first year
on air.

The Edinburgh talk station was the brainchild of Kelvin MacKenzie's Wireless Group, which submitted a bid to Ofcom for Dunedin FM, which was later renamed to Talk 107 when the group was sold to UTV Radio.

Meanwhile, the Guardian Media Group has posted its second best set of listening figures for Real Radio in Scotland.

The station, which employs 10 journalists in its 24-hour newsroom and runs a nightly discussion show, is now heard by 736,000 people a week — marginally down on its best ever set of results this time last year.