Radio host thanks listeners after op

Mike Parry, the former Fleet Street journalist turned TalkSport breakfast presenter, is recovering from heart surgery after being off the air for almost a month.

Parry, a former news editor of the Daily Express, sent a message of thanks to listeners last week for wishing him well as he faced an operation to correct a serious heart condition.

In a message read out by Alan Brazil, the former Scottish footballer and now Parry’s co-presenter, the journalist said he had been “struck down” by a lack of energy and a severe shortage of breath on his return from the Euro 2004 football championship in Portugal.

His GP suspected a heart problem, and within minutes a cardiologist had diagnosed that one half of his heart had stopped working. “Meanwhile the other part, that was working, was beating at nearly twice the normal rate,” said Parry.

“I have been resident now in a specialist heart hospital in Surrey since I was diagnosed, though I was allowed home in the custody of my family for a few days the weekend before last.

“I have to put my own condition down to the wear and tear of having had a tremendously lucky, rewarding and active life.

“I’m very hopeful of a swift conclusion.

We all know from reading about Sir Alex Ferguson recently that when doctors fix the heart it can often be as good as new. I hope that is going to happen in my case.”

By Wal´e Azeez

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