Radar back on the radar

Some publications never give up trying. Radar, the glossy pop
culture magazine, is being launched again – for the third time. This
time it is being financed by Yusef Jackson, the son of the civil rights
leader Jesse Jackson in association with Ron Burkle, the California
supermarket tycoon who was involved in the recent New York Post Page
Six shakedown scandal. Originally launched three years ago, Radar
folded after only two issues, having run out of money. Then for a time
it was backed by Mort Zuckerman, the wealthy New York real estate
developer who owns the New York Daily News and US News and World
Report. He was said at the time to be investing $25 million in the

But again the magazine folded – this time after just
one issue. How much the new investors are putting up has not been
disclosed, but Yusef Jackson told the NY Times
that it is sufficient to keep the magazine going this time for at least
five years. Initially the new investors intend to launch a Radar web
site , probably in three months, then relaunch the magazine early next
year. Once again the magazine will be edited by Maer Roshan, who once
worked at New York and Talk magazine and started Radar in 2003 as a
magazine that would meld culture, celebrity gossip, politics and sex.
He is still banking on that being a successful formula. "I am not
insane and I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have a reason to think
it would be successful" Roshan told The NY Times. He said he will have
complete editorial control – and guaranteed financial backimg. "All we
need is time" he declared. Two years ago Jackson and Burkle tried
unsuccessfully to acquire the Chicago Sun Times.


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