Pulse special issue marks GP reforms

Staff on Pulse have produced a special issue to mark the radical changes in GPs’ contracts.

The reforms – considered to be the biggest overhaul in general practice in the UK for 40 years – dominated the coverage of this week’s issue, which dropped its features and “registrar” section to include a 10-part special report and an exclusive article by the Prime Minister.

Pulse ran a special front page designed by art director Ravi Naidoo.

The first seven news pages were devoted to contract news and case studies.

Commenting on the piece by Tony Blair, editor Phil Johnson said: “He was never going to say the most controversial things, but his imprint has been all over the health service so his comments are important. It’s significant that he has taken the trouble to write a piece for us.”

The coverage followed a survey in Pulse last week, carried out in conjunction with the BBC, which was also featured on television programme Now You’re Talking.

“We’ve known this was coming for months so we had plenty of time to plan, but it’s still taken a massive effort by the whole team to get it absolutely right,” Johnson added.

By Ruth Addicott

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