Pssst.... Guardian invites whistleblowers to submit documents via 'secure' digital mailbox

A year after the first Edward Snowden revelations The Guardian has adopted an open-source platform which enables sources to submit documents securely.

SecureDrop was developed by the US Freedom of the Press Foundation. They can't guarantee it is 100 per cent secure, but they promise significantly better security than other digital methods.

According to The Guardian: "The SecureDrop open-source whistleblowing platform provides a way for sources, who can choose to remain anonymous, to submit documents and data while avoiding virtually all of the most common forms of online tracking.

"It makes use of well-known anonymising technology such as the Tor network and the Tails operating system, which was used by journalists working on the Snowden files."

The Guardian says it keeps no record of who has visited its SecureDrop server which is housed outside the UK.

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