Press gets 'once a term' access to Prince William

Stories and pictures about Prince William at university will be made available to the press at least once a term as the Prince of Wales’s of?ce tries to consolidate the relationship between the media and the princes.

An exchange of letters between Sir Michael Peat, private secretary to the Prince of Wales, and Les Hinton, chairman of the Editors’ Code of Practice committee, reveals Prince Charles is concerned about striking a balance between the growing public interest in Prince William and his privacy.

Peat says he has had “constructive” discussions with all national newspaper editors about the matter and expressed his – and Prince William’s – gratitude for the level of restraint they have shown so far, under guidelines set out by former PCC chairman Lord Wakeham.

In his letter he reiterates a request that editors “desist from publishing any material, without a legitimate public interest, which might lead to harassment or the creation of a paparazzi market”.

As a quid pro quo he adds: “It is our intention to ensure that information about Prince William is, from now on, made available at least once a term, to re?ect the growing interest of the prince in his own right.”

In his reply Hinton welcomes the move, and says editors will “continue to ensure that, as far as reasonably possible, a level of restraint is exercised”.

“The suggestion of interviews and photographs at least once a term is a very positive step. This should, as you say, be on an equal basis – which would mean taking into account, when possible, the needs of regional and Sunday papers and magazines.”

By Ian Reeves

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